Keston Boilers was hand picked by the US Embassy to exhibit at its Earth Day Exhibition recently because of the company’s commitment to manufacturing high efficiency, environmentally friendly boilers. Keston has already completed installations at a number of the US Embassy’s sites and plans are in hand for further installations in the future.

First launched in 1970, Earth Day was intended as a day of celebration of the planet through a variety of individual and community activities, it has since evolved into a worldwide campaign to protect the global environment.

The US Embassy’s event involved speakers from the Environment Agency and Energy Saving Trust, as well as US citizens explaining what they are doing to save energy in their everyday lives. At the exhibition, specially invited companies demonstrated environmentally friendly and energy saving equipment and systems, including Keston’s range of high efficiency condensing boilers.

Nick Stevenson, managing director of Keston Boilers, said: “It was a pleasure to take part in the show and we feel greatly honoured to have been selected by the US Embassy to participate in this special day.”

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