Urbandeco – The New Modular Amenity Luminaire from Holophane

Urbandeco is a contemporary, new modular amenity luminaire from Holophane Europe that can be tailored in appearance to suit individual projects. Three different canopy shapes and three different bottom enclosures can be mixed and matched to offer unparalleled design flexibility. The ‘Cone’ canopy has a deep polycarbonate bowl enclosure and the ‘Elipse’ utilises a curved tempered glass enclosure, whilst the ‘Flat’ canopy has a flat tempered glass enclosure.

A variety of columns and brackets, plus a wall mounting option and the modular nature of the luminaire, provides further opportunity to follow a specific design theme. Urbandeco can be mounted on conical, tubular or deluxe columns with a cradle mount or side entry and top entry mounting, or even with split level mounting if desired. A CD incorporating a visual configurator is available which allows the specifier to create a scene representing the required configuration for appraisal.

The stylish Urbandeco has two precision aluminium reflectors that offer four light distribution options for maximum efficiency and uniformity, plus a full cut-off capability for ‘dark sky’ compliance. Urbandeco has been engineered for use with 50W – 150W HPS, 70W – 150W ceramic metal halide or 42W – 57W compact fluorescent lamps and carries an IP65 rating (a sealed IP669 optic is also available). Suitable applications include residential streets, car parks, shopping precincts, town squares/pedestrian zones and amenity areas.

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