Upgrade to the Ascot

The Ascot Solar Upgrade is an exciting new upgrade for Able Canopies’ products. It is a different roof option to replace the standard polycarbonate or glass roof panels. The Ascot panels are 7mm thick glazing panels, but they aren’t just any glazing panel, they consist of two layers of laminated and heat strengthened glass which has a thin film of amorphous silicon (a solar panel film) sandwiched in-between.

The solar technology used in these panels offer one of the best environmental returns in the renewable energy industry, approximately one year of PV generation will recover the energy required to manufacture a solar glazing module. Unlike many solar panels, these panels still maintain their conversion efficiency even on cloudy days and in winter when light levels fall.

These panels are a fantastic upgrade to your canopy as they are completely transparent so they let maximum light through, yet allow you to save money on energy bills as you would be creating your own power.

Not only will the Ascot Solar Upgrade give you added benefits such as saving on energy bills, earning yourself additional income from the feed-in tariff, it is also an aesthetically pleasing option due to its orange tint in the glass enabling it to fit in perfectly with brick buildings and timber structures.

This innovative upgrade is only available on selected products from Able Canopies as shown below.

The Kensington Entrance Canopy
The Kensington Mono-Pitch Free Standing Canopy
The Kensington Dual-Pitch Free Standing Canopy
Tarnhow Mono Pitch Wall Mounted Canopy
Tarnhow Mono Pitch Free Standing Canopy 
The Grange Junior Free Standing Canopy.

Another added benefit for schools and other educational environments is that this upgrade is also a fantastic learning aid. Choosing to add the Ascot Solar Upgrade could help offer practical learning in lessons such as Geography and Science. The day to day operation of the solar panels can be seen by the pupils by showing them how much energy the school has produced. 

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