Cytech Europe has introduced two upgrade packages for their Comfort Intelligent Home System for those installations using the original Comfort 1 system introduced in the UK in 1999. Comfort 1 was replaced in 2005 by Comfort 11, the new family of products that includes Slave Expansion Modules (SEP01-M2), UCM05 (RS232, Ethernet and USB), UCMs for C-Bus, KNX/EIB, Z-Wave, HDL, GSM, CWM02 Webserver etc.

The benefits of Comfort II over Comfort I include:

1. "Flashable" CPU with upgradable firmware using UCM05 and Comfigurator. Update firmware with the latest features and bug fixes if applicable

2. Built in Battery protection if battery voltage drops during extended power failure

3. Two way intercom between Keypads and Door Stations, Phone and Keypad or Door station

4. If/Then/Else conditional logic and combination logic conditions IF, OR supported (with Comfigurator 3 software)

5. Sunrise/Sunset times and automatic Daylight Saving Time changes based on City or Lattitude/Longitude coordinates

6. Accurate Real Time Clock (typically 1 minute per month)

7. 32 Time Programs, 16 Reminder Messages, 64 Timers in Ultra II

8. 600 Alarm Events in Event Log (Ultra II)

9. EN50131 Compliance (optional) for Europe

10. Electrical isolation of circuit from Earth for better protection from surge voltages (eg induced Lighting)

11. VoiceProc/VoicePlay software allows customised wordlists in any language to be developed

12. More Support for external interfaces “We hope that many of the thousands of Comfort 1 users will take the opportunity to upgrade to Comfort 11 and keep their systems current. This will allow us to provide better support,” said Cytech director, L Y Chiu. “These new, very attractively-priced packages include the Comfort 11 PCB with a special mounting plate allowing it to mount on the Comfort 1 enclosure.”

Two UK distributors stock the Comfort Upgrade packages on their websites:


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