Updated CPD Presentation from Selectaglaze

Selectaglaze, the UK’s leading secondary glazing specialist, has produced a completely new version of its RIBA Approved CPD.  Secondary glazing is extensively used to enhance window acoustics, improve thermal performance and raise security levels within all types of existing building.  It has particular relevance for Heritage buildings.


The purpose of the seminar is to assist designers in specifying secondary glazing that meets required performance levels, looks good, works well, is acceptable to planning or conservation officers and integrates sympathetically with other building elements.


The presentation offers guidance on standards for noise insulation, conserving energy and security and deals with a full range of design issues. Small product samples are made available and detailed seminar notes provided to all participants.


There are a large number of existing buildings which need to be improved or adapted for changed use and this presentation will be of great relevance to Specifiers and conservation specialists involved in this type of work.


Founded in 1966, Selectaglaze has built its reputation as the leading innovator in the field of Secondary Glazing through a process of continuous design and development to meet the changing needs of buildings. Its commitment to quality is recognised through certification to ISO9001 by LPCB and, in 2004, the granting of a Royal Warrant.



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