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Curtain walling contractor Schmidlin (UK) Ltd is installing Knauf Insulation’s new, insulated soffit lining board at BAA’s Heathrow Terminal 5. Polyfoam® Soffit Linerboard was selected as it provides the high level of insulation performance and aesthetic appearance needed and in just one product.

Three essential requirements determined Schmidlin’s choice of soffit lining solution at ‘T5’. Whatever used would have to provide a very high level of thermal performance, be finished to complement the building’s composite cladding and glazing package and lend itself to BAA’s philosophy of carrying out as much fabrication as possible off-site. Polyfoam® Soffit Linerboard – a high-performance, extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam board with a high strength, fire resistant, decorative cement facing – was chosen as it met all three requirements. Polyfoam® Insulation is well known for its excellent thermal insulation properties; the facing colour selected complements the cladding and glazing perfectly, ensuring the project’s overall aesthetics are not compromised; and, to reduce onsite fabrication, the board was cut into a multitude of individual pieces to meet a comprehensive cutting schedule.

“We needed to insulate the underside of a concrete soffit,” explained Paul Martin-Jones, Schmidlin’s Project Architect at Heathrow T5. “It was vital that whatever we used gave the thermal performance we needed and, at the same time, preserved the design integrity of the building’s exterior. I’m delighted to say that Knauf Insulation’s Polyfoam® Soffit Linerboard offered us an ideal solution and has fully met our expectations.”

There are many occasions when the undersurface of a floor forms part of the outside surface of a building’s structure. Insulation has to be provided and, in these circumstances, it’s often more practical, convenient or desirable to install it on the exposed soffit. As a protective or decorative finish is also frequently required, insulated soffit lining boards are a popular solution as they provide both insulation and exterior surface in one convenient fix.

Knauf Insulation is the UK’s only manufacturer of both mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation. To allow designers to select the best insulation material for their needs, both are available bonded to a tough, weather resistant, 6 mm thick, cellulose-fibre reinforced, cement facing board that is also classed as ‘Class 1’ to BS 476-7: 1997 (Surface Spread of Flame). The combination of a tough facing material supported by an impact resistant insulation results in a robust board suitable for all applications and is ideal for either semi or fully exposed use.

Polyfoam® Soffit Linerboard uses a layer of Polyfoam® extruded polystyrene (XPS) to provide a lightweight board with exceptional thermal performance. In fact, the 114 mm thick board meets the Elemental U-value target of 0.25W/m2K specified by Part L of the Building Regulations (Technical Standard J in Scotland) when fixed to the soffit of a typical suspended concrete floor.

Rocksilk® Soffit Linerboard uses a layer of Rocksilk® rock mineral wool to provide a board with excellent all-round insulation performance. Rock mineral wool is justifiably well known for its outstanding combination of thermal, acoustic and fire insulation properties making the board perfect for areas where thermal insulation and either acoustic and, or, fire insulation is needed; underfloor car parks being a prime example.

For ease of handling and installation, Rocksilk® Soffit Linerboard is sized at 1200 mm x 600 mm and, to allow large areas to be quickly covered, the lightweight Polyfoam® Soffit Linerboard is sized at 2400 mm x 1200 mm. Both boards are available in a range of thicknesses and a choice of facing finishes to meet aesthetic requirements.

For further information, please visit www.knaufinsulation.co.uk or call the enquiries hotline on 01270 824024 quoting RR 390 05.

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