UNIQUE LED BRIDGE LIGHTING – London North Action Bridge

As one of many of London’s regeneration projects, PLM Illumination Ltd’s 74 LED handrail lights were used on the A40 Perryn Road, North Action, pedestrian bridge. The light was chosen as it provides safe, efficient, cost effective and low maintenance lighting for local habitants.

The UniLED LED handrail light has become the professional’s choice for bridge lighting and other pathway lighting applications.

Unlike other handrail lights, the light is uniquely versatile in that it can be fitted to many different sizes and shapes. Already accommodating a round tube, sizes from 50mm to 60mm in diameter, it can also fit into a square or oval shaped handrail. The 24V DC system is safe, cool to touch, requires no maintenance and is extremely durable. Our switch mode power supplies are universal voltage input, suitable for installation any where in the world and in both an interior and exterior environments.

For further information about PLM's LED Lighting please contact the company on 01562 66441, or info@plmgroup.co.uk or www.plmgroup.co.uk

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