Unique Difference Acoustic and Fire Cavity Stop

(New product has previously unavailable advantage)

Cavi 60 SAF Stop is the title given to a new product from Cavity Trays Ltd that is designed to provide acoustic, fire barrier and water-deflecting qualities within a cavity wall.

The Cavi 60 prefix denotes 60 minutes fire integrity rating for this multi-purpose cavity stop, whereas SAF is the acronym for sloping – acoustic – fire, the most important qualities advanced by this product.

Non-combustible rock wool is profiled and encapsulated within a polythene sleeve. The unique sloping upper surface of the encapsulation deflects penetrating water forward towards the outer leaf. The lower sloping surface permits lengths to be lapped whilst maintaining deflecting, sound and fire integrity status at all times.

The Cavi 60 Type SAF Stop is compressible and may be friction fitted within the cavity, taking advantage of placement upon naturally occurring ties to aid stability.

If a hard finish protective upper surface is required a shaped dpc cap is available to fit on the upper surface between skins.

Unlike conventional stops that are rectangular and thus level between skins, the new Cavi 60 Type SAF is sloping. It naturally deflects penetrating water forward, thus promoting best practice.

Standard sizes available to suit cavities of 100mm up to 150mm
Supplied in various lengths
Cavi 60 one hour fire rating
Acoustic suppression
Angled surface deflects water away from inner skin
Optional hard cap available
Easy fit

UK distribution from March 20th 2008.
Overseas distribution from 1st April 2008.

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