Unico System outlets blend unobtrusively with your decor.

The Unico System is the high comfort, mini-duct, small-air handler central heating and cooling system. Its sister product, the UniChiller heat pump, is the class-leading energy-saving source of hot and cold water for homes and buildings.

The Unico System is ideally suited to self-build and renovation projects where comfort, individuality and low life costs are considerations.

With no radiators to cramp your style and near-silent operation suitable for sound recording studios, Unico System offers many advantages including:

Absolutely no radiators or hanging wall units.
No draughts or sudden temperature changes.
Ultra-low noise levels.
Central heating, cooling - or both - from one system.
Wide choice of energy sources including heat pump and geothermal.
Flexible mini-ducts use existing cavities and ceiling voids.
Temperature variation floor-to-ceiling just 1.1 degree Celsius.

Unico system outlets are available in a range of shapes and styles to unobtrusively match your décor and deliver near-silent, stable, controllable temperature and humidity throughout your home.

The UniChiller, reverse-cycle energy source is Unico's class-leading, outdoor heat pump unit for homes and light commercial use. It's amazing COP (Coefficient of performance) of up to 4:1 - that's 4 times the energy output compared to energy used - and rugged construction with self-contained refrigerant circuit makes it the ideal companion to the Unico System for low energy and high comfort.

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