Unico at Battersea power station

A London icon is about to see one of the largest redevelopments of recent years. Plans to build a hotel, conference centre and several living developments including luxury apartments at the famous Battersea Power Station site are well under way. The building showcasing the development - hotel room, apartment and conference facility - have all been fitted out with Unico Systems.

The power station and its surrounding grounds were acquired almost ten years ago and many ideas have been floated to make use of the structure and surrounds. The owners have drawn up detailed plans for the site and chose Unico System for the heating and cooling requirements because of its green credentials and its ability to provide instant, even temperatures throughout rooms and apartments.

Potential buyers are now being treated to the most luxurious comfort in the complex of show apartments, including a sample hotel room and conference facility, at the Battersea site. Using external heat pumps, the Unico Systems ensure energy-savings, warmth in winter and cooling in summer. The only sign of the systems inside the building is small outlets in the ceiling or unobtrusively positioned in walls, the system components hidden in cavities and loft spaces.

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