Underfloor Heating fits every time

Underfloor Heating (UFH) can be used to heat any room – whatever its shape, size or function. This energy efficient method provides a comfortable form of heating that spreads warmth evenly throughout the room, leaving walls free from radiators.

Wavin Plastics – a leading UK provider of water management solutions – offers a number of OSMA Underfloor Heating systems to suit any application. Karly Taylor, spokesperson for Wavin Plastics explains:

“There are some decisions you need to make first, such as which system you require, which will depend on your floor type,” says Karly. “If you have a screeded floor you can opt for either; Staples, System Plates or Pocketed Polystyrene systems. If you have a timber floor, you will need to use Foiled Polystyrene or Modular Chipboard.

“There are two typical pipe patterns for laying UFH pipe – spiral or serpentine,” adds Karly. “Each system has a recommended pipe layout so you can look at the room you’re installing it in and decide which works best for that room shape or size.”

The spiral, or snail, pattern follows the room shape in a spiral to the middle. Pipe is initially laid at 400mm centres and then reversed out to leave pipe spacing at 200mm centres. Both the Staples and System Plates options can adopt this pattern.

The serpentine pattern takes a route up and down the length of the room with loop turns at each end. The parallel pipe should be at 200mm centres. All OSMA UFH systems can use a serpentine pattern.

Karly explains: “Both spiral and serpentine patterns can be used effectively in flats / apartments where UFH is being installed throughout the property and also in extended layouts, such as adding a conservatory or utility to existing rooms.

“You can find out more information, including the formula for intelligent UFH at www.genius-ufh.co.uk. For specific questions, please call the OSMA UFH helpline on 01392 444 122 or email info@osmaufh.co.uk.”

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