Under-floor heating

Waxman is delighted by the response to its recently introduced under-floor heating system ‘Primary Heat’, which uses the latest electrical ribbon technology. This system operates at lower temperatures than other traditional electric wire.

The key advantages of operating at lower temperatures include greater energy saving, as less energy is required but also, importantly, the flexibility of being able to use Primary Heat under carpets, wood and vinyl as well as tiles. This flexibility makes Primary Heat the ideal system.

Primary Heat is not only used to warm up the flooring but has the function of heating a whole room., without the need to include radiators. This is clearly a major advantage in a new-build situation, allowing flexibility of design within the room as well as having space saving benefits.

Primary Heat has full safety features including fully integrated earth and EMF shielding. It is also easy to install, based on standard size mats. Waxman is happy to help design layouts as a free service.

With two strategically placed distribution centres in Bristol and the Head Office near Leeds, Waxman can supply Primary Heat efficiently throughout the UK.

For further information please e-mail info@primaryheat.co.uk or phone the Sales Team on 01422 377123. Alternatively you can visit the website at www.primaryheat.co.uk

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