UMS: sustainable construction made simple

UNITE Modular Solutions (UMS) is a leading designer, manufacturer and constructor of volumetric modular buildings.

Since 2002, the company’s main focus has been in utilising off-site manufacturing technology to factory produce fully fitted and furnished lightweight steel framed modules, which are joined together on site to create fully functional, bespoke buildings.

The company’s pioneering modules combine innovative design and engineering techniques to provide self-supporting buildings, which incorporate factory fitted room content reflective of client requirements including all living and working accommodation, service areas and common areas, without the requirement for additional support structures.

Currently, UMS employs around 100 dedicated designers, technicians, project managers, quantity surveyors and specialist manufacturing staff to work on the units’ production in one of Europe’s most sophisticated manufacturing facilities.

So far, the company has manufactured and installed over 17,000 volumetric modules into a diverse range of projects including residential and student accommodation. UMS is now turning its attention to other opportunities in other sectors including hotels, leisure, military, social, elderly housing and key worker accommodation.

UMS modules offer a myriad of benefits as a building solution with both commercial and environmental positives. All modules are pre-fitted at the factory to the requisite with beds, stairs, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, floor and wall finishes together with all services, making for a fast and efficient on-site installation with limited waste.

Volumetric modular constructions provide further benefits in cost and programme reductions, enhancements to build quality, improved health and safety on site, a significant reduction in environmental impact and improved through-life performance.

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