Ultrascape’s Flowpoint ECO Hits the Heights in Brontë Country

Ultrascape’s Flowpoint ECO is being used to re-point the cobbled Main Street in the village of Haworth near Bradford

Haworth, home of the famous Brontë sisters who wrote their classic novels in the Parsonage, is the second most visited literary shrine in the country after Stratford-upon-Avon and a place of international interest.

In a bid to become a World Heritage Site, Bradford Council conservation officers, landscape architects and engineers are working closely with community leaders to preserve the heritage of the village.

The initial phase of work is concentrated on Main Street where Yorkstone cobbles are being re-laid and re-pointed.

Bradford Council specified Ultrascape’s Flowpoint ECO Charcoal, a rapid set flowable grout, to blend in with the existing cobbles. Ultrascape’s Pro-Bed HS Bedding Mortar and Pro-Prime Slurry Primer are also being used.

Ultrascape Flowpoint ECO has high fluid consistency for early trafficking that conforms to the strict demands of BS 7533 parts 7 & 12. It is an ideal solution for all pavements where a rigid or bound void-free joint is required. Ultrascape Flowpoint ECO contains recycled glass thus reducing the use of virgin aggregate. It has exceptional bond strength and can be opened to foot traffic in 1 hour and vehicular traffic in 4 hours. Ultrascape Pro Bed HS fine bedding concrete provides a bedding base that conforms to the strict requirements of BS 7533. The product provides a perfect base for natural stone paving, cobbles and concrete paving and is able to accept foot traffic after just 12 hours and vehicular traffic after 24 hours.

Ultrascape Pro-Prime Slurry Primer is specifically formulated to provide an exceptional bond of greater than 2N/mm² between all types of stone. It only requires the simple addition of water before it can be applied to the stone elements.

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