Ultracrete’s QC10 F Off to a Flying Start at one of Europe’s Leading Airports

Ultracrete’s QC10 F Rapid Set Flowable Grout is being used to help maintain the busy runways at London’s second largest international airport, Gatwick.

London Gatwick Airport had been looking for a rapid repair material for emergency spall repairs. Over the years the runway maintenance team had tried numerous products to solve the problem but the repair patches usually cracked at some point and began the spalling process all over again.

The airport’s runways and taxiways, especially those subject to wear and tear by jumbo aircraft and large trucks, need continual maintenance. The airport required a material that was user friendly, economical and able to be installed by one or two technicians within minutes to enable the working site to be put straight back into service.

Term Maintenance Contractor for Gatwick Airport, Dyer & Butler specified Ultracrete  QC10 F Rapid Set Flowable Grout to reinstate failed gullies in the airport landscape. A four hour time window was allocated by British Airways for the repairs to be carried out. The gullies were back filled and surface finished within the allotted time with Ultracrete QC10 F, thanks to the material’s exceptional performance and rapid setting properties.

Ultracrete QC10 F, a flowable high strength concrete, is a two-part rapid strength concrete designed for carriageway ironwork backfill, thick section concrete repairs, haunching reinstatements, and post and barrier erection. It contains special cements and graded aggregate, and requires only the addition of water on-site to form a high strength concrete. It sets in 10-20 minutes and is suitable for applications from 30-250mm in one pass.
Ultracrete QC10 F continues to be the material of choice for contractor Dyer & Butler.

For further information on these and other products from Ultracrete’s range of highway maintenance, road and pothole repair products, call now on +44(0)1827 871871, email ultracrete@instarmac.co.uk or visit www.ultracrete.co.uk.

ULTRACRETE is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc

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