Ultracrete Permanent Pothole Repair – Fixing Britain’s roads

Highways engineers claim to have filled in hundreds of thousands of potholes in 2010 and the recent big freeze is expected to create an unprecedented number on the UK’s roads.

Early severe winter weather will lead to rapid deterioration in the state of roads over the next few months and a miserable period ahead for Britain’s motorists.

Ultracrete Permanent Pothole repair is the answer! The product can be trafficked instantly in wet and freezing conditions, whilst its flexibility makes it compatible with the existing road surface. Remember: Flexible roads need a flexible repair.

Packaged in 25kg user friendly tubs, that are recyclable through Instarmac’s Plastic Container Recycling Scheme as well as containing up to 60% re-grinded plastic, they can be re-sealed reducing waste. It provides any contractor with a quick and effective way of repairing potholes.

Permanent Pothole Repair is one of several products available from Ultracrete’s Pothole Fighting Team which includes the renowned Instant Road Repair (HAPAS approved by the BBA) - now with enhanced workability and available in 6mm and 10mm grades. This winning formula can now be poured straight from the bag and its improved pliability allows it to be applied with ease.

The product offers the benefits of an instant, first time permanent reinstatement, which when compacted, can be trafficked immediately.

All of the products in this range provide ideal solutions for a flexible, long lasting and cost effective repair.

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