Ultra Tile and Ultra Floor used to create retail excellence

Subfloor prep and tiling completed in a new Booths luxury food store by Lancashire Tiling Contractors using Ultra Tile and Floor materials.

A new Booths luxury food store has recently opened to the public complete with tiled floors installed by Lancashire Tiling Contractors.  The North West chain of food stores has been established since 1847, with currently 26 outlets giving Waitrose and Marks & Spencer a run for their money!

To complete the tiling installation the following materials were used by Lancashire Tiling Contractors:

Subfloor preparation was required first of all; Level IT one HDB was used to level and build depth.  Prime IT FP was then applied to seal the surface and enhance performance of the Ultra Tile adhesive and grout.

Rapid set flexible adhesive, ProFlex SP was used to fix the floor tiles.  The product is specially formulated to achieve enhanced adhesion and flexibility making it ideal for areas where slight movement or vibration can occur.

ProFlex SP
is a floor and wall tile adhesive that can be used on interior and exterior applications both in wet and dry conditions.  The product is polymer modified and can be used in conjunction with under floor heating systems.

ProFlex SP has an application thickness of 3-20mm and is ready to take light foot traffic within 3 hours. 

The tiles were grouted using Ultra Tile FlexJoint.  A product suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 20mm, FlexJoint is simple to use and available in a choice of colours.

FlexJoint is specially formulated to provide a hygienic finish that is mould resistant and water repellent.

To contact Stephen at Lancashire Tiling Contractors, please call 01253 894400.

For more information on Ultra Tile’s range of tile adhesives, grouts and ancillaries, please visit www.ultratileadhesives.co.uk

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