Ultra Floor provides the perfect subfloor preparation for resin flooring

Protect and smooth a substrate prior to laying resin flooring with Ultra Floor DPM IT and Level IT one HDB.  

The ever popular, Ultra Floor Level IT one HDB is ideal for prepping subfloors prior to applying resin decorative coatings.

Uniquely formulated for the preparation of all types of cementitious subfloor, Level IT one HDB is ideal for use on varied flooring installations. A self-levelling base compound, Level IT one HDB is designed to smooth undulations in cementitious floor substrates and to build depths of up to 50mm.

Ultra Floor Level IT one HDB has a working time of 20-30 minutes and will set within 2-3 hours.  It can be applied at thicknesses from 3-50mm and a 25kg bag covers an optimum 5m²at 3mm.  The product is protein and ammonia free, shrinkage compensated and polymer modified.

Suitable for use on most common substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, floors with under floor heating and fixed timber floors, it can be applied by trowel or pump.

Ultra Floor DPM IT is a two part damp proof membrane system available as a one coat or two coat with an optional accelerator additive.  The mixed components act as a moisture suppressant over sand/cement screeds where residual moisture is retained, ensuring moisture protection to smoothing compounds and resin flooring.

DPM IT one coat and DPM IT two coat are solvent free, two-part epoxy resin systems, which cure within 18-24 hours. 

DPM IT A is a damp proof membrane additive, specifically designed for use with DPM IT one coat and DPM IT two coat.  As an accelerant, it reduces their curing times to as little as 3 hours!

For further information on the entire Ultra Floor range, please visit www.ultra-floor.co.uk, or call 01827 871871

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