Ultra Floor Patch IT rapid45® - solid as a rock!

Fast setting, rapid drying mortar – Ultra Floor Patch IT rapid45® is high strength providing a hard finish that’s solid as a rock!

The product’s slump-free formulation flaunts exceptional strength and hardness qualities as well as being rapid setting for faster working. A dual purpose product that’s suitable for both internal and external patch repairs.

Ultra Floor Patch IT rapid45® is an ideal material for filing holes, depressions and cracks in cementitious sub-floors and concrete stairs, as well as ramps and coves.

Once mixed with water the product will have a workability time of approximately 5-10 minutes and will set within 20-25 minutes. Suitable for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces, Patch IT rapid45® can be applied at thicknesses from 2-35mm and may also be used below a damp proof membrane.

A protein free, polymer modified and shrink resistant product, available in handy 10kg bags. Coverage of 2m² at 3mm depth can be achieved.

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