Ultra Floor Level IT HD top specified as wear surface

Stuarts Flooring worked with Ultra Floor technical assistance to complete an industrial unit conversion.

Preferred by Stuarts Flooring, Ultra Floor sub-floor preparation materials always provide the solutions required. On this occasion an industrial wear surface was needed for a unit conversion. Following technical assistance received from Ultra Floor, Stuarts Flooring’s team used Prime IT AR and Level IT HD top.

Two coats of Prime IT AR were applied first to the mechanically abraded concrete surface. Ultra Floor Prime IT AR is an acrylic polymer emulsion primer suited for use over porous substrates.

The primer prepares the surface, enhancing adhesion and sealing it. The bond strength of subsequent cement based levelling compounds to the surface will then be dramatically improved, enhancing durability.

Prime IT AR is easy to use and safe to apply, and boasts excellent surface penetration and a fast drying time.

Ultra Floor’s industrial grade self-levelling topping, Level IT HD top, was then applied by pump, resulting in an exceptionally strong and perfectly level wearing surface. A total of 1300m² was covered in a day.

Perfectly designed to ease the contractor’s job during large scale projects, Level IT HD top can be pumped and applied at depths between 5mm and 15mm, resulting in a highly durable, perfectly level smooth floor finish.

Ultra Floor Level IT HD top is obviously a product suitable for heavily trafficked areas and is ready to receive foot traffic after 2-3 hours, followed by warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, after only 36 hours.

The product’s formulation is free from protein and ammonia, creating a very low odour material; is shrinkage compensated and polymer modified. A 25kg bag covers an optimum 5.1m² at 3mm thickness.

Consequently, Level IT HD top made light work of the unit’s 1300 square metres and via the pump laid at 12mm.

Ultra Floor is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc.

To contact Chris Browne, Stuarts Flooring’s Contract Manager email chris.browne@stuarts-flooring.co.uk

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