Ultra Floor Feather IT – improved formula now available!

Strength, smoothness & flexibility combined in one product

Ultra Floor’s feather finish smoothing compound, Feather IT, makes light work of patching many different surface imperfections such as ridges, uneven trowel marks and cracks. 

Now available with an improved formula the product boasts fibre-added improved strength.  A perfectly smooth finish is guaranteed due to the inclusion of finer fillers, whilst increased polymer provides greater flexibility.

The application of Ultra Floor Feather IT will create a perfectly smooth substrate ready for the installation of all types of floor coverings.

Feather IT can be applied without the use of a primer from feather up to 3mm thickness.  It can be used as a scratch coat to fill wood grain and for joints between sheets of plywood.

Ultra Floor Feather IT is protein free so can be used in biologically sensitive areas. The product is polymer modified and has rapid setting properties aiding its versatility as a scratch/repair mortar.  Each 5kg bag can cover up to 25m² when used as a scratch coat.

See it for yourself, book a free demo now!

Text your name, starting your message with 1FEATHER, to 88802 and Ultra Floor will contact you to arrange a demonstration.  All texts received will be entered into a prize draw to win an Apple iPod Touch.*

*Charge is 1 text at your standard rate.  T&Cs apply and are available upon request or by visiting www.ultra-floor.co.uk.  Closing date for entries is the 1st August 2011.

For further information on Ultra Floor Feather IT, please visit www.ultra-floor.co.uk, or call 01827 871871.

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