Ultra Floor and Ultra Tile create retail perfection

Sub-floor preparation and floor covering installation completed at a new Banana Republic store using Ultra Floor and Ultra Tile products

Florspec Ltd. with offices based in Northampton and Doncaster has recently completed sub-floor preparation and floor covering installation at the new Banana Republic store in Kings Road, London.  The screed was levelled using Ultra Floor Level IT one HDB and the chosen floor covering of limestone tiles was fixed using Ultra Tile ProRapid RS and Ultra Tile FlexJoint grout.

Uniquely formulated for the preparation of all types of cementitious sub-floor, Level IT one HDB is ideal for use on varied flooring installations. A self-levelling base compound, Level IT one HDB is designed to smooth undulations in cementitious floor substrates and to build depths of up to 50mm.

Ultra Floor Level IT one HDB has a working time of 20-30 minutes and will set within 2-3 hours.  It can be applied at thicknesses from 3-50mm and a 25kg bag covers an optimum 5m² at 3mm.  The product is protein and ammonia free, shrinkage compensated and polymer modified. The leveller was applied by trowel to the complete project’s surface area of 450m². 

To fix the store’s limestone tiles, ProRapid RS was used.  The floor covering posed a small challenge as the tiles were in various sizes and fixed to create a pattern.  The whole sales area was covered as well as the store’s public staircase.

Expertly formulated with exceptional bond strength, flexibility and fast setting capabilities, ProRapid RS is ideal for porcelain and natural stone applications.

The adhesive can be applied at a bed thickness of between 3-12mm on walls or floors.  Its open time is 40 minutes and it will be set after just 2 hours drying time.

All grouting in the store was completed using Ultra Tile FlexJoint.  Its newly improved formula has been designed with the trade for the trade!  The product now boasts the following capabilities:

·         Improved super fine texture
·         Polymer modified for ultimate flexibility
·         Totally mould resistant
·         Perfectly water repellent
·         Suitable for use with under floor heating
·         For joint widths from 1-20mm

Ultra Tile FlexJoint in limestone was used in the Banana Republic store but a choice of colours are available. 

Following the successful completion of the Kings Road Banana Republic, Florspec Ltd. has secured a further store project at the Westfield shopping centre, also in London.  Florspec Ltd. will use the same combination of Ultra Floor and Ultra Tile products and the project will be finished in August 2011.

Learn more about the entire Ultra Floor range by visiting www.ultra-floor.co.uk, or by calling 01827 871871.

Ultra Floor is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc.

Please call 01933 682287 to contact Florspec Ltd.

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