UK’s Real-Life-Test: Conergy PowerPlus show 15% more efficiency
Proven low light behaviour really pays off in U.K. climate conditions

Milton Keynes, 14th July 2011 – Conergy PowerPlus modules once again bring credit to their name – by showing a “surplus” of 15% in efficiency during a real-life test in UK. Conergy installation partner Freewatt Ltd. has recorded real life output figures over the past nine months from two separate domestic homes in similar locations: both have a total power of approximately 3.9 kilowatts, both are located in Lincolnshire, a 30 degree pitch and do not face any shaded areas.

“The data speaks for itself”, concludes Julian Patrick, Managing Director of Freewatt Ltd. “In the U.K. climate and light conditions Conergy panels are producing more energy than those of all competitive modules we used before.” The test period, from October 2010 to July 2011, showed that Conergy PowerPlus panels produced 2,860 kilowatt hours compared to 2,495 kilowatt hours generated by the panels from another German module manufacturer – an output difference of 15% for the benefit of the Conergy premium modules.

“We can see from these figures, that if the trend continues, the Conergy panels are on their way to producing 4,038 kilowatt hours per year with the competing brand only producing 3,546 kilowatt hours annually”, continues Patrick. “This exceeds all expectations.”

An average three bedroom home in the U.K. has an energy consumption of approximately 5,000 kilowatt hours per year. With the Conergy PowerPlus modules, home owners of a 4 kilowatt installation can cover 80% of their energy needs, whereas the competitor’s modules can cover only 70% of the total energy needs.

“This improvement in energy production from the Conergy PowerPlus modules is due to the panel’s optimum low light performance”, says Robert Goss, Head of Conergy UK. “They are optimised to make the most of the U.K. climate which consists of plenty of grey, cloudy days. We are delighted that the real life figures have underlined this since these figures look very promising for the future of Conergy in the U.K.”

Julian Patrick from Freewatt believes in the Conergy PowerPlus quality and adds, “With my background of running a solar PV company and lecturing in solar PV, I am also investing in my own 800kWp Conergy solar farm here at my home”.

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