UK’S Lowest Access Bath Launches

More people can enjoy bathing thanks to a new, low-level access bath from Eurocare Showers, which launches this month.

The new Adagio Ancora boasts a threshold of just 45mm (1.8 inches), making it the lowest walk-in bath currently on the market.

Eurocare MD, Mike Holborn, says Eurocare has redeveloped its best selling Adagio bath to address the age-old problem of making bathing as accessible as possible for as many people as possible: “A lot of people still prefer to bathe instead of shower, and level access bathing is the ‘holy grail’ of our industry.

“And whilst it may not be entirely possible to achieve total level access with a walk in bath, this bath brings us a step closer and will make bathing accessible to a lot more people who would otherwise have to choose a shower.

“And the really good news is that the Adagio Ancora is available at the same price as the original Adagio, so people won’t pay more for an improved bathing experience.”

Thanks to its specially designed frame, the Adagio Ancora can be installed directly onto the joists to achieve its 45mm threshold but, even in applications where people don’t want to go to the disruption of removing floorboards, the bath can be surface mounted and still achieve a threshold of 70mm (2.75 inches).

Easy access bathing extends beyond just the bath threshold, and with the Adagio Ancora, Eurocare has addressed this as well as the issue of quick emptying: “Waiting a long time for the bath to empty can affect the enjoyment of bathing, so we’ve introduced a turbo waste to ensure it empties quickly,” says Mike. “We’ve also kept a lot of the features that make the Adagio so popular, such as the specially moulded recess in the bath wall that enables the door to open fully to 90 degrees, making it even easier to get in and out.”

The integral seat allows for upright bathing without compromising on a deep soak, and there are no hazardous catches or operating devices for a safer bathing experience. Clip-on panels allow for easy installation and remedial work, and the panels are supplied to size so there’s no need for trimming or alterations. The bath door is fitted with Eurocare’s unique adjustable hinges, which means that even if the floor is uneven, the door can be completely level to avoid leaks.

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