Type DPC Profiles from Cavity Trays

Often a detail is called-for within a contract that it is difficult to reproduce on site. This has prompted Cavity Trays Ltd to release a new range of dampcourses that are ready-shaped to tackle everyday construction needs encountered when constructing using timber frame and SIP’s methods. The most popular of the DPC Profiles is designed for use under sole plates. Construction standards demand dpc’s are incorporated below all timber frame sole plates of ground floor walls.

Furthermore, in addressing the requirements for air tightness, Robust Details calls for the dpc to turn up and lap with a vapour control layer. Using traditional dpc to create such an arrangement can be difficult. Traditional dpc can also distort, be damaged, or progressively sag whilst construction is taking place.


DPC Profiles are accurately dimensioned semi-rigid shaped dpc’s that permit the installer to establish consistent dpc protection around the base of timber-framed and SIP walls. Laid and lapped under the sole plate, the profiles rise vertically to protect the inner face of the plate. (Depicted in NHBC Standards 6.2). Profiles are also available that extend inwardly. In so doing the oversite membrane can benefit both horizontal and vertical interfacing. DPC Profiles will not extrude under load and functionality is unaffected by normal packing / point loading.

Additional protective rise can be specified where a double soleplate is used. Internal and external angles are similarly preformed. Bespoke profiles are available in addition to the standard profiles.DPC Profiles can be used effectively to address Robust Details (6.11 to 6.15 inclusive) and NHBC (6.2) requirements.

  • Satisfies NHBC / Robust Details requirement

  • Will not extrude or seep under load

  • Close fits timber – no sagging or damage

  • Consistent quality of build and membrane interfacing

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