Twirling wooden art installation crafted from discarded lath

Californian visual artist, Barbara Holmes’ Untitled No.5 is a three-dimensional art installation based in San Francisco.

Crafted from wood which spirals up the gallery’s walls and floors, Holmes’ installation takes a life of its own as it twists and twirls in various directions. To form her pieces, Holmes uses discarded lath — thin strip of wood usually used to construct a building's foundations and walls.

Holmes sources the lath from dumpsters in San Francisco and reinvents the material by creating huge kaleidoscopic art pieces which span the length and height of a room. “Using reclaimed material that is often untidy and muddled in its appearance and redeeming it into a carefully crafted object is a pleasurable part of my process,” Holmes explains. 

Holmes' work mirrors the repetitive patterns found in nature and illustrates her attention to colour and form. Utilizing waste material which would usually be disregarded is at the heart of Holmes’ work, and she has made a skill of recontextualising materials to craft unique objects with coherent and organised compositions. “At first glance, my work may appear oddly familiar or utilitarian, but on closer inspection of the materials and their re-contextualization,” says Holmes. “The viewer may need to reconsider initial ideas as they discover more layers of meaning.”

To view more of Holmes' work, visit her website

All image credits: Barbara Holmes

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