Turning heads with the ECturn

The UK’s leading door and window control system manufacturer, GEZE UK, is launching a highly versatile, electromechanical swing door drive for internal doors, enabling barrier-free access for all.

Ideal for sheltered housing, hospitals, schools, residential and care homes, hotel rooms, restaurants and even leisure facilities, the flexible ECturn has been developed to provide a quiet, simple accessibility solution.

With a modular structure, the ECturn can be used with a wide variety of control options and in combination with access control and building management systems. Additional safety sensors can be connected simply and quickly, so it can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, from disabled people to small children.

Easy, simple and convenient for the user, the drive can be used for automatic and manual opening in addition to automatic closing in accordance with DIN 18650. To save energy, the ECturn offers a low energy setting as well as automatic and to make it even easier for users, it has three operating modes; automatic, permanently open and night.

Suitable for all types of mounting, it can be easily retrofitted into existing buildings and is the perfect choice for new builds where adaptability is important. Built to the highest quality standards and meeting stringent safety requirements, the versatile door drive is suitable for internal doors with leaf widths up to 1100mm and up to 125kg. At just 60mm high and deep, and 580mm wide, the drive is discreet and stylish, complementing its surroundings.

GEZE UK’s contracts and service director, Paul Ryan said: “For contractors looking for an adaptable option that is safe, consistent and durable, the modular ECturn is a real winner. Combining functionality, reliability and cost-effectiveness, it’s ideal for public buildings that have a lot of internal doors. In fact, the ECturn meets all the requirements made of barrier-free construction and living.”

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