Hamilton Litestat has added a touch dimmer module to its extensive GridIt wiring accessory range. The touch grid module is compatible with all incandescent type lamps.

Being a true touch dimmer a gentle tap to the face of the dimmer module brings the lights on or turns the dimmer off. By keeping a finger on the dimmer module the lights can be raised or lowered as required. Once the finger is removed the lighting level is set. To change this setting, all the user has to do is touch and hold the face of the module until the desired brightness is achieved.

Hamilton’s grid dimmer module incorporates an Intelligent Trailing Edge design which provides flicker free and near silent operation. By incorporating ‘soft start’ technology it is able to prolong lamp life whilst removing the necessity to de-rate for mains voltage halogen lamps.

The 250W/210va multi-way dimmer module has unidirectional protection and is able to detect a number of fault conditions including over current, no load protection and temperature cut-out. When a fault is detected the dimmer will switch off and either automatically turn back on when the fault is rectified or, in the case of the no load condition it will need the fault to be resolved before it can be manually switched on. This capability reduces the risk of damage to either the dimmer or any transformers in the lighting circuit.

For multi positional control additional slave units can be connected to the master unit or if preferred a push to make retractive switch can also be used, either option will mimic the dimming and on/off function of the master unit This touch dimmer module has been manufactured to comply with the requirements of BSEN 60669-2-1 and fits wall boxes complying with BS4662:2006.

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