Tricoya Loves The Great Outdoors

Specialist timber importer and distributor, James Latham is now offering Medite® Tricoya®,  an exciting new durable MDF which offers a  50-year guarantee. Medite®Tricoya® has been produced in joint partnership between Medite Europe & Accsys Technologies who successfully developed and commercialised Accoya®, the highly durable and dimensionally stable certified softwood which James Latham also distribute and which itself offers a 50-year guarantee for exterior use and 25 years when used in the ground.


Characterised by its durability, dimensional stability and reliability, qualities that have been replicated in the wood fibre used to manufacture Medite® Tricoya®, the new design and application possibilities offered by the marriage of acetylated wood Fibre with the manufacturing technology of Medite MDF has already excited and stimulated composite product manufacturers, designers, architects and the construction industry alike, opening up new possibilities and solutions for outdoor projects.


Lathams’ director, Chris Sutton explained, “We are delighted to have been appointed as a specialist distributor for this innovative new product.  Latham’s have a history and expertise in bringing new products to market and because of its unique properties, Medite® Tricoya® has already created a real buzz within the industry.


“The potential applications for Medite® Tricoya® are far ranging and will inspire creativity and discovery, particularly in areas where wood would not traditionally have been considered, and especially in environments where humidity and weather are usually concerns. “

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