MACO’s revolutionary TRICOAT 130 surface protection system for window and door hardware, provides outstanding benefits for use in coastal areas, timbers containing tannic acid or acetylation treated systems such as Accoya, or in regions of industry which may suffer from increased chemical attacks, acids and alkalines. Its high corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for rooms continually exposed to high humidity, or chlorine vapour such as swimming pools and because of the reduced maintenance required it makes an excellent choice for windows and doors that are not easily accessible i.e. High rise buildings. Passing and exceeding EN1670 accredited test, 1000+ hours, (the test requires 480 hours, Class 5) results show that - MACO TRICOAT 130 surface doubles the life of our silver chromate finish and comes with a 15 year guarantee as standard.

MACO TRICOAT 130 surface offers high levels of protection against corrosion, 1000+ hours, and its self healing properties protect against physical damage caused by scratching or marking, it also repels water and dirt.

Available for a range of applications including Casements, Tilt Turn, Single and Double Door Locks and Tilt Slide Patio gearing. 01795 433900

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