Chilstone recently provided prestigious stonework for a superb spa and leisure centre. The Alexander Hotel in West Sussex wanted a tranquil atmosphere to harmonise with the historic aspect of the hotel.

The development included very large Doric columns to form a circular pool around a hydrotherapy pool and further columns around the main pool and treatment room area. The passage linking the hotel incorporated an innovative u-shaped lintel to span the arched walkway, which enabled insertions of steel and a reinforced concrete beam to take the loading. These were surmounted by a cornice of traditional Georgian appearance.

To complete the Georgian theme, Chilstone produced a superb double balustrade staircase in the ‘grand’ manner sweeping down to a tranquil spa garden where guests can sample the hot tub in the open air.

The stonework largely incorporated items from the Company’s extensive range, but Chilstone are always happy to make bespoke items to client’s exact requirements. For further information telephone: 01892 740866, email: or visit the website:

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