Toughen Up

Jaymart is proud to introduce “Sole-Runner”, extraordinarily tough and versatile rubber performance floorings.

Sole-Runner” is manufactured using recycled granulate rubber with EPDM rubber granules, and has been designed to be non-reflecting, sound absorbent and slip-resistant, thus improving lighting conditions, lessening background noise and improving safety.

The processes exceed even the most stringent of environmental standards, but also produce floorings that are very hard wearing.

Sole-Runner” is available in rolls and tiles, is quick and easy to install and ready for use in just 24 hours.  “Sole-Runner” is incredibly resilient, safe, flexible and available in a wide variety of colours and designs, which have been created with different applications in mind.

Typically used in shopping centres, public buildings, gymnasia, ice rink surrounds and on exhibition stands, “Sole-Runner” is ideal for any area of medium to very heavy traffic, indoors or out, where durability, noise reduction, glare reduction and appearance are important.

Furthermore, for wet areas where safety is paramount, such as around swimming pools, “Sole-Runner” Uni and “Sole-Runner” Stone have all the usual benefits of “Sole-Runner”, but are quick drying, and even slip-resistant under wet conditions.

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