’Touchless’ solution needs no helping hand

A ‘touchless’ manual activation solution for  automatic door operation – ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount - has been introduced by GEZE.

The proximity switch GC 306 meets the rigorous standards required in hospitals, laboratories, care homes and food preparation areas.

It’s non-contact activation can be set as required and has a range of 10 to 50 centimetres to open automatic swing, sliding, folding, revolving or curved sliding doors seamlessly.

The low voltage operation of the GC 306 conforms to radio equipment directives and can be used in the vicinity of sensitive medical equipment and IT server rooms.

Positioned at hand height, its structure permits simple and time-saving installation both in flush and surface mounted sockets. It can be fitted into walls, behind tiles, wood, plaster, plastic and glass without it’s activation range being affected, maximising protection from bacterial contact.

The GC 306 offers two switching modes – ‘pulse’ where the door closes automatically after the hold-open time, and ‘toggle’ where it remains open until the switch is activated again.

Said Andy Howland, sales director, of GEZE UK: “The GC 306 proximity switch is a great addition to our automatic door systems range. It provides non-contact and hygienic manual activation which is a vital to environments which require high levels of hygiene to prevent cross-contamination to patients or work areas.”

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