Touch of Glass from GEZE

GEZE UK’s award-winning glass sliding door system launches in the UK this month, combining minimalism with maximum transparency.

The sophisticated new Vetroslide, part of GEZE UK’s quality sliding door hardware range, has already scooped the renowned reddot design award in Germany, offering the highest level of transparency for internal doors on the market.

Uniting style and elegance, the stainless steel running rail is paired with sliding glass leaves of up to 80kg that glide almost silently with a floor guide, making the Vetroslide ideal for offices, retail and residential environments. Minimising the fixtures and fittings required for the rail and compatible with toughened or laminated safety glass, the sliding door system retains a high level of security and functionality while meeting aesthetic requirements.

Designed to be modular, the easy-to-operate Vetroslide features a rail made up of a point-fixed glass blade and leaves with filigree point-fixed rollers that take on the function of the roller carriage and include an anti-lifting device.

GEZE technical director Simon Bowden said: “This is a remarkable product that has caused a stir in Europe and now looks set to shake up the UK sliding door market. The Vetroslide is a very sophisticated product, using expanses of glass to maximum effect and minimising the amount of fittings required to operate smoothly, efficiently and quietly. Its versatility means that many versions are possible, so specifiers can tailor the door system to its location. From hotels to surgeries, sales rooms to living rooms, this interior door system is not just practical, it’s a striking feature.”

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