Totally Wireless Security Solutions

New from Daitem is ‘Espace,’ a high-quality specification wireless security system with a wide range of technical features and benefits. With no interconnecting wiring, and no mains power required, installation times are cut dramatically with the added benefit of leaving décor intact and no unsightly trunking. ‘Espace’ allows comprehensive intrusion protection of a residence or office, up to eight partitions. Three intrusion detection levels are available as standard: external sensors, perimeter doors and windows, and internal motion detectors, with pre-alert or general alarm settings.

Remote Alert

A plug-in telephone modem allows remote notification of alarms and events by speech or data transmissions, plus the ability to dial in, check status and even remotely control. Optional stand-alone wireless GSM transmitters enable remote communication even without normal telephone connection. Up to three designated individuals can be alerted with verbal or SMS messages or data to an alarm-monitoring centre.

Finger tip control

The Espace system has the option of a unique portable keypad with a backlit LCD touch screen, which displays system information with selectable menus for commanding and checking status of the alarm system, lighting and automation systems. It will enable scheduling of events such as arming/disarming, switching of lights and setting up random “presence” simulation, and will interface with entry control.

In a similar manner to a cordless telephone, the keypad display unit will sit in a base, which can be fixed to the wall, and be anti-tampered when required. The base unit houses batteries enabling typical battery life of 5 years. The portable keypad with screen can be unplugged from the base for comfortable and convenient use, and houses rechargeable batteries enabling 48 hours before recharge on the base is required.


Daitem dual band transmission ensures ruggedised reliable wireless signal transmission. The new ‘Espace’ which meets EN50131-1/Grade 2 requirements and is configurable to PD6662, has a 5-year warranty, and normal battery life in excess of 5 years. The system also meets various European approval standards , VdS (Germany), NFA2P (France) & QMI (Italy)

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