The mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system (MVHR) from Total Home Environment has been used to save energy and eliminate condensation problems in a 1970s house suffering from poor air quality leading to unsightly mould growth.

Environmental assessment and management specialists Hawthorn Environmental Services Ltd, specified the system which has been installed in the home of the company Director, Carol Long.

The system from Total Home Environment removes stale, damp air from the property whilst recovering its heat which is then used to warm the replacement fresh air distributed to the living areas, giving a warmer home with good air quality, no condensation problems and lower fuel bills.

The MVHR system allows homeowners to benefit from clean, fresh air without the need to open windows, keeping insects out of the house in the summer and heat inside in the winter.

Hawthorn Environmental Services Ltd provides guidance and tailored advice to help increase energy efficiency and lower consumption whilst reducing bills.

Commenting on the appliance, Carol Long said, “We were impressed with the way that Total Home Environment responded to all our technical questions with good information before we committed to their system.” She continued, “The MVHR system has solved the condensation problems we experienced in the winter, which is a major improvement as far as we are concerned. We are also happy with the performance in terms of air quality and find it does not take a lot of energy to run. We have now been confident enough to redecorate around the windows to get rid of the old mould and condensation marks.”

Suitable for houses with a gross living area of up to 870m2 , the Energy series heat recovery ventilation appliances utilise EC motors for the lowest possible energy consumption to provide fresh air continuously, recovering up to 95% of the heat that would otherwise be lost through extracted air. The appliance surpasses Part F of current Building Regulations, eliminating the need for trickle vents and extractor fans in tightly sealed, modern homes and helps towards reaching Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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