Total Home Environment Systems Chosen For Bicester Ecotown Demo Building

Total Home Environment, specialists in heat recovery ventilation and air-sourced heat pumps, has been chosen to play a key part in Bicester’s new eco development plan by supplying their mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system as well as the domestic hot water heating system.

Garth House, the newly opened demonstration building for the development representing the ‘Home of the Future’, showcases a range of sustainable and low energy products to reduce a building’s carbon footprint. It is hoped these technologies will be integrated within the planned 5,000 home eco town development in north west Bicester.

Total Home Environment’s Genvex Premium is a low energy mechanical ventilation heat recovery (MVHR) system with an integrated exhaust air source heat pump (ASHP). The system centrally extracts the warm foul air from the kitchen and bathrooms recovering all the energy from the air before being exhausted from the property. The fresh incoming air is firstly filtered to remove the pollen and dust before being warmed or cooled by the exhausting air. If required the air is further heated or cooled by the integrated exhaust air source heat pump before being supplied into the living and bedrooms to provide a comfortable environment. In this instance the unit heats or cools the property using a little over 0.5KW which during a sunny day the solar panels on the roof can provide.

The company’s Vanvex Domestic Hot Water Tank with integrated air source heat pump, which also features in the building, utilises the energy from the outdoor air to heat the water which is capable of providing 1000 litres of hot water per day more than enough to meet a family’s hot water requirement all year round. This unit uses just under 0.5KW which once again can be powered by the solar panels on the roof.

The eco town development stems from the desire to make Bicester a better place to live, work and bring up a family. Over a year the net carbon dioxide emissions from all energy use within the buildings on the development should be zero or below.

Ian Inshaw, Chairman of P3Eco Bicester, the developers of the project said, “We wanted to display the very latest energy saving systems in our demonstration building amongst which we were pleased to have included the mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system and the air source heat pump for water heating supplied by Genvex /Total Home Environment. There has been considerable public interest in this modern technology which was in keeping with our aim of displaying the latest technology which contributes to sustainable living for the future.”

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery is now an accepted form of ventilation required to not only meet building regulations, but to also contribute to achieving the current level of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Genvex system provides the ideal solution for modern low energy homes. There are none of the heat losses associated with trickle vents and extractor fans and it allows buildings to comply with Part F (adequate ventilation) and Part L (energy conservation) of the Building Regulations.

Further information and technical advice on the Genvex and Vanvex systems is available from Total Home Environment on 0845 260 0123, email or by visiting the company’s website at

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