Total drainage integration

New hub benefits from extended ACO Qmax® range
All four sizes of ACO Technologies’ award winning, high capacity slot drainage system, ACO Qmax®, have been used to created a totally integrated drainage network on the third stage of Prologis’ North Kettering Business Park development close to the A14 in Northamptonshire. By designing the network to include the recently launched smaller capacity ACO Qmax® sizes – ACO Qmax® 350 and 225 – main contractor, Winvic, has been able to capitalise on the installation benefits of the ACO Qmax® system in all external areas around the new distribution centre to ensure the target completion date was met.

The centre is the third of seven that will be built on the former quarry site. Covering 10 hectares, the 37,000 square metre warehousing and office complex has 30 dock-levellers, extensive trailer handling facilities and parking for over 350 vehicles. Surface water runoff from all the hardstanding areas is carried via the ACO Qmax® network to a single discharge point that is rated at 550 litres/second maximum.

Close to 700 metres of ACO Qmax® has been installed around the main building perimeter and throughout the car park. 300 metres of the established ACO Qmax® 900 and 600 sizes, with their distinctive ovoid channels, provide maximum capacity close to the main discharge point while 400 metres of the new circular bore ACO Qmax® 350 and 225 provide drainage to the upper car parking areas. Minimising the number of drainage runs across the site proved the toughest challenge. “The five metre fall across the site meant that all the main car parking areas had to be tiered – each requiring its own drainage line.” says Winvic Projects Manager, Danny Nelson. “Thanks to the versatility provided by the new ACO Qmax® sizes, we were able to minimise the number of runs and greatly simplify the interconnecting infrastructure – a key benefit when working in the tight catchment of each tier. The ease of handling and simplicity of installing ACO Qmax® meant that we were able to quickly set the runs to a high degree of accuracy within the very tight time schedules.”

The new ACO Qmax® 350 and 225 sizes are specifically designed for small to medium catchments such as the tiered parking areas at North Kettering. They have circular bores of 350mm and 225mm respectfully and are fitted with ACO’s patented Continuous Pavement Beam Inlet which allows an unbroken reinforced slab to be cast around and through the inlet without breaking the line of the finished surface slot. There are two galvanised steel inlet edge rail options: the 30mm slot ‘Heavy duty’ edge rail, which is designed for industrial applications/concrete slab installations, and a 10mm ‘Car Park’ edge for pedestrianised areas.

Both are manufactured in two metre lengths from lightweight, recycled Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) and are highly resistant to chemical corrosion. Safe to manually handle, both sizes can be easily and accurately cut at special ‘cut-points’ that are moulded into each section at every 200mm. Each section is also fitted with a twin-lipped neoprene seal that provides a 100% seal, preventing any leakage or infiltration.

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