TORMAX Motors Go On And On And On - April 2012 - Near Indefinite Lifespan On All TORMAX iMotion Automatic Door Operators

Unique in the market, TORMAX iMotion automatic door operators utilise an in-house designed and manufactured asynchronous motor.  Unlike DC powered operators, TORMAX over-engineered motors do not require gears and brushes to ensure smooth door opening and closing.  Without the working parts that regularly need replacing, iMotion operators can deliver almost indefinite life expectancy. 


The iMotion range of automatic door operators is the result of extensive research and development at the Headquarters in Switzerland and is one of the most advanced systems on the market today.  However, TORMAX has always designed AC motors and their longevity has been proven over the last 50 years.  Although requiring a slightly greater initial capital investment, a TORMAX operator is more cost-effective and sustainable in the long-term, delivering reliable operation often as much as 15-20 years after installation.


Being both gearless and brushless, TORMAX synchronous motors have virtually no working parts to fail, making them a sustainable solution as well as providing near-silent operation.  Incomparable movement dynamics within the motors ensures energy efficiency by minimising heat loss from the building thanks to split second response to approaching foot traffic.  Fully compliant with RoHS standards the operators are tested well in excess of current industry requirements of one million cycles.


Further enhancing the sustainability of TORMAX motors, all iMotion operators are uniform in design, whether it is a swing, sliding or revolving entrance.  This means that if requirements for the entrance change over time, iMotion is far from redundant but can quickly and easily be adapted to meet new circumstances.  All systems are also equipped with the same control system and user interfaces, significantly simplifying maintenance and operation of all doors.

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