Top six reasons to choose a Garador up-and-over garage door

With an ultra-modern production facility located in Somerset, Garador has been manufacturing garage doors here in the UK since 1948. With a wealth of experience and expertise we’ve put together this rundown of the top 6 reasons to choose an Up and Over garage door.

It’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer choice and complexity of the garage doors on offer these days. You’ve got Up and Over, Sectional, Roller, Side Hinged and a few other variations, as well as all of the colours and gear types. But time and time again people choose Up and Over garage doors and there’s a pretty simple reason why – they work. They’re reliable, they last and they look good. But there’s a bit more to it than that, so let’s look at some of the top reasons why homeowners all over the UK are buying Up and Over doors.

  1. Attractive designs

    You can choose from a variety of materials on Up and Over garage doors, including Steel, Timber, GRP and PVC; each with their own benefits. You can choose from a selection of 19 different colour options on Garador steel garage doors, as well as steel timber effect finishes in Golden Oak and Rosewood. With a choice of panelled, wide profiled and ribbed doors to choose from, Garador offers a choice of over 30 steel door models; each with its own unique style that flexibly works well on modern and traditional homes.

    Garador Salisbury Up and Over DoorGarador Salisbury Up and Over Door
  2. Reliable and durable

    Garador Up and Over doors are constructed around a strong box section chassis that is made out of galvanised steel. The door has two back braces providing the door with extra rigidity. Garador up and over doors have been designed to provide great functionality, time after time so they will stand the test of time. With a 10 year warranty on all doors in the Up and Over garage door range, Garador is a brand you can trust. 

    Garador Chevron Up and Over Door
    Garador Chevron Up and Over Door

  3. Easy to maintain

    Steel Up and Over doors from Garador are not only great value, but also easy to maintain. Their sturdy paint finish and smooth spot welded surface finish, not only look great, but are also easy to keep clean and only need a light wash with detergent and water. 

  4. Security

    Based on feedback from our customer base, we have unsurprisingly found that security is high on the list of demands from homeowners. Which is why Garador’s Up and Over doors come with secure 2-point locking to prevent unauthorised entry, as well as secure locking and back bracing for extra rigidity on the door panel itself.

  5. Safety

    All Garador Up and Over doors with canopy gear are fitted with a built-in anti-drop device to prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure. Doors with retractable gear feature a secure parking position to prevent uncontrolled closing. 

  6. A size that fits

    With thousands of standard and purpose-made sizes, homeowners can order a Garador Up and Over door that perfectly fits their opening. Garador’s Up and Over doors can be supplied with a steel frame, which is a faster and more accurate way to fit the garage door and avoids the need for a timber frame which can rot over time.  

    Garador Beaumont Up and Over Garage Door
    Garador Beaumont Up and Over Garage Door


  • Dimensions: Width: 1830mm (min) – 4879mm (max). Height: 1930mm (min) – 2286mm (max). Please refer to Garador price list for full list of current size options.
  • Material: Up and Over garage doors are constructed around a galvanised steel chassis. Infills include Steel, Timber, GRP or PVC.
  • Colour: Choice of 19 colour finishes and 2 timber effect options on steel garage doors, 9 colour finishes on GRP garage doors and 6 stain options on timber doors.
  • Special features: Garador Up and Over garage doors are constructed using expert engineering. They are supplied with either canopy, retractable and retractable plus operating gear. Reliable and secure, they are a great choice of garage door for any homeowner.
  • Suitability/ use: Suitable for domestic/ home use.

For more details on the current range of Up and Over garage doors, please visit for further details.

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