Top Marks for Fullflow’s Rainwater Drainage System On Everest Community College

Roof drainage specialists Fullflow, has successfully completed the installation of a combined gravity and syphonic roof drainage system on the new Everest Community College as part of the development of Merton Rise, Basingstoke.

Fullflow were approached by Hampshire County Council to design, manufacture and install a roof drainage system that would overcome challenges posed by the complex roof design, whilst draining a roof area totalling 3774m² with a maximum rainfall intensity of 159mm/hr and a building life of 25 years. Pipe routing was particularly complicated as a result of the differing height levels, the different roof finishes and the complicated roof layout. Fullflow were able to rise to the challenge because of their ability to provide gravity and syphonic solutions. Fullflow’s syphonic drainage system provides complete control over downpipe discharge location; as there is no need to route pipework on a gradient, giving increased design & programme flexibility. This benefit coupled with careful coordination with the M&E contractor and roofing trades meant Fullflow were able to over come all the design issues and successfully install the combined gravity and syphonic system.

Typically a Fullflow syphonic system uses up to 80% less downpipes, reduces installation time and ground works, offers greater design flexibility and can drain roofs up to 8 times faster than gravity system alternatives.

Everest Community College is an exciting and prestigious development which provides state of the art facilities and an inspirational environment for students, staff and the wider community.

Fullflow boasts an unparalleled level of experience in the field of syphonic drainage having successfully installed over 30,000 systems across the world. Recent projects include London Heathrow Airport T5, St Pancras Railway Station, the new National Museum of Liverpool and Barajas Airport in Madrid which is one of the largest European construction projects of this decade.

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