Titan Environmental range of bunded oil tanks to be fitted with alarms as standard

In an outstanding “first” for the fuel and oil industry, Kingspan Environmental - the foremost innovator in the fields of fuel, oil, lubricant, biodiesel and Adblue storage - is fitting alarms on all its Titan EcoSafe bunded oil tanks, as standard, from January 2010.

This initiative by the company is in direct response to increased fears among householders about the growing threat of oil theft, and provides an added-value oil storage solution for its customers.

Tony Soper, Kingspan Environmental’s GB Sales Director, explains: “This is a major step forward for homeowners and for the industry. By combining the marketing-leading, bunded oil tank with our revolutionary Watchman Alarm oil tank alarm system we are, without doubt, offering one of the best options to oil-heating users in the market place.”

Householders living in rural areas now have to deal with rising incidents of oil theft. Unfortunately, most of these thefts occur at night, so the unfortunate homeowners wake up to a half-empty oil tank and an expensive clean-up operation.

As Mr Soper observes: “The Watchman Alarm instantly alerts householders that someone may be stealing their oil as it happens, rather than hours or days later when the damage has already been done.”

The Watchman Alarm, which is part of Kingspan Environmental’s award-winning Sensor range, uses a transmitter on top of the tank and ultrasonic level techniques to measure the level of oil in a tank. The level of the oil is displayed on an LCD screen on a receiver within the home.

In the event of the oil level dropping at a rate that is not typical for a domestic oil tank (more than 1.5 cm per minute) the receiver will emit a siren-type sound that indicates either a leak, or theft, is occurring.

Titan EcoSafe tanks represent the most advanced range of integrally bunded oil storage systems available within Europe. They are specifically designed to provide the user with full regulation and environmental compliance.

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