Tij: a sustainable wooden bird observatory

RAU Architects — in collaboration with Ro&Ad Architects — have designed an egg-shaped bird observatory in Haringvliet, The Netherlands, where a rich variety of birds can be observed and studied. Thanks to the observatory’s unique shape and the use of sustainable and circular materials, the structure is rebuildable and offers an exceptional architectural experience to every nature lover.

The name ‘Tij’ references the building's egg-shaped design, and from the structure, visitors can view the landscape surrounding the Haringvliet delta including the thousands of terns which nest on the small islands off the coast of Scheelhoek.

The observatory is made from reeds, chestnut poles and sand; and is parametrically designed to achieve a relationship between shape, construction, size and viewing holes. Additionally, reeds from the Scheelhoek nature reserve have been used for the covering and the spans of wood were made by means of a file-to-factory Zollinger construction.  “Thanks to its complete rebuilding capabilities, modularity and materialisation, it fully meets all the key points for a sustainable structure with circular potential,” Thomas Rau, chief architect of Tij explained. “By building everything in such a way that everything can be taken apart without losing any of its value, we ensure that the strain on the ecosystem is minimal."

To view more about Tij, visit the architects' website

All image credits: Katja Effting

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