Tideway School

Tideway Community School in Newhaven, was a project commissioned by East Sussex Council to provide educational facilities for 11 – 16 year olds. The school
was nearly devastated by fire in 2005, and has since been rebuilt and refurbished to provide an outstanding modern Technology College for nearly 700 students and reopened in February 2009. An inspiring atrium with vast skylights was constructed in the new building to provide streams of natural light and increased ventilation to walk ways.

noraplan® stone was installed in the school, complimenting the visionary design of Mackellar Schwerdt Architects. When designing environments for young people, consideration must be taken in relation to aspects of well being: not only lighting, acoustics and decor, but also the properties of the floorcoverings. These are often decisive factors for a positive environment and can also promote motivation for learning and achievement. In addition, there are of course high demands on safety, environmental sustainability and economic efficiency.

nora® rubber floorcoverings were installed in the corridors, stairwells and class rooms. noraplan® stone was an apt choice for such a demanding school environment as the properties of the floorcovering were well matched for more detailed areas with detailed demands on visual appearance, slip resistance, durability, cleanability, and walking comfort.

noraplan® stone is a product which maintains a slip resistance value of R10 and is ideally suited for school corridors and stair areas, reducing the risk of slips and falls for students and staff. The nora® floorcovering system is complimented by special profiles, stairtreads and accessories. nora® nosings were also used on stair areas, a contrasting colour which gives a DDA compliant visual contrast whilst performing in the more heavily trafficked areas.

In the planning stages, development criteria were pursued in respect of design, sustainability, positioning, layout and impact on amenity. The basis of nora® rubber floorcoverings is provided by high-quality grades of natural and industrial rubber. Natural rubber is a renewable raw material extracted from the sap of the rubber tree and is a material that defines nora® apart from other rubber floorcoverings.

nora® became the very first resilient floorcovering to win the ‘blue angel; in the category of elastic floor coverings. The blue angel certifies products and services that are environmentally friendly and low in emissions. In the event of fire, nora® rubber floorings do not contain PVC and halogens, therefore both norament® and noraplan® floorcoverings will not generate corrosive gases, such as hydrogen chloride; liable to cause acid burns inside the respiratory tract.

In terms of maintenance, nora® rubber floorcoverings are easily and economically cleaned, thanks to the extremely dense surface structure. This means that coatings are not usually required and eliminate cost and labour intensive cleaning methods for the school. The floorcoverings are also bacteriostatic and fungistatic, helping to maintain a safe and clean learning environment for children of all ages.

nora® floorcoverings are used in many schools, colleges and universities worldwide and have passed the test of time in classrooms over decades facilitating hundreds of pupils throughout the whole of their education. With over 300 colours and designs in the range and an inlay service, nora® offers a wide range of opportunities to create outstanding projects.

Tideway School has been developed to provide the best possible learning environment for children in and around Newhaven, with the help of the worlds leading rubber floor covering manufacturer.

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