2018's Burning Man features a timber spiralling temple

This year, Nevada’s Burning Man Festival features a huge spiralling temple made out of a light coloured timber. ‘Galaxia’ is designed by French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani of Mamou-Mani Architects and is inspired by the swirling structure of the cosmos.

“Galaxia celebrates hope in the unknown, stars, planets, black holes, the movement uniting us in swirling galaxies of dreams,” Mamou-Mani Architects explain. “A superior form of Gaia in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, Galaxia is the ultimate network, the fabric of the universe connecting living beings into one entity.”

The construction was built using 3D computer modelling and is 65-foot-wide with 20 timber triangular trusses.Galaxia will be ritually burned at the end of the festival that takes place in August.

To view more about the project click here 


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