Think Inside the Box!

To ensure that air source heat pumps meet any current or future planning department noise level legislation, Nu-Heat has recently been utilizing a new breed of acoustic enclosures manufactured by Cambridgeshire-based Environ Technologies.

The enclosure is basically a large box, originally developed for the air conditioning market. When the air source heat pump is placed inside the box, the noise level is reduced by 25 - 27dB(A) bringing it to under 25dB(A) in most cases.

Besides reducing noise levels, an additional benefit to boxing a heat pump is that it is kept secure and safe from possible vandalism. The heat pump unit is also protected from any particularly harsh conditions as the enclosure is weatherproof.

Acoustic enclosures are deliberately unobtrusive and ideal for domestic installations. The product may help to convince hesitant planning departments concerned about the appearance of an air source heat pump installation. Slightly more space will be needed for installation, as although the box is not a great deal higher or wider than the heat pump, it will be deeper, due to the need for adequate airflow.

Nu-Heat recently designed a system incorporating a 12kW Hitachi Yutaki twin fan ASHP for an installation in Kent. The homeowner was keen on reducing operating noise emissions to ensure that neighbouring properties weren’t disturbed. He was also interested in the added benefits of security and enhanced aesthetics. He was able to specify the colour and finish of the enclosure that helped the installation to blend in with the surroundings and his garden decor. The real time assembly for an enclosure installation like this is approximately an hour.

Advantages of using an ASHP enclosure
  • 25dBa quieter

  • Increased security

  • Helps prevent vandalism

  • Improved aesthetics

  • Weatherproof

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