Thibaud Poirier's 'Interiors'

Parisian architectural photographer Thibaud Poirier travels across the globe photographing sacred spaces, libraries and dense urban residencies. In his ‘interiors’ project, Poirier captures the detailed and vastly different interiors of contemporary and modern architecture.

By photographing buildings without people in the space, Poirier’s work focuses on the architectures’ structure, craftsmanship and layout. By using the same central focal point he creates similarities in vastly different interiors. From the spiralling staircases, towering cylinder concrete structures and the layout of the colourful doorways, Poirier’s work illustrates the power of symmetry and the emotional states architecture can exert on people.  In some of the imagery, the architecture is highlighted by natural and synthetic light, fostering a sense of community, or lonely reflection depending on the viewer’s experience. 

To view more of Poirier's work, visit his website, Behance or Instagram pages.

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