Thermo-Floor complete the final phase at Aylesbury New Lodge

Thermo-Floor, the supplier of next generation energy efficient underfloor heating and cooling solutions, has completed the final phase of work on Aylesbury New Lodge, Griffin Place – the redevelopment of homeless accommodation for Bromford Group. Neil Evans, General Manager of Thermo-Floor explains: “The existing one and two-storey accommodation blocks were demolished and replaced with 105 new build homes. Thermo-Floor was able to be flexible to fit in with the phased construction programme which allowed for long-term residents to remain at Griffin Place throughout the development.

“The development called for good design using modern methods of construction whilst being environmentally aware. Aside from the obvious aesthetical benefits of underfloor heating, the even distribution of temperature and the lower water temperature also increases energy efficiency. This in turn reduces energy bills by up to 25% compared to other systems, making Thermo-Floor an obvious choice for this project.

“The traditional UK central heating market cannot compete with the underfloor heating and cooling solutions that are now available and becoming increasing popular. Thermo-Floor is determined to continue to drive this growth.”

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