The UK’s Highest Efficiency Condensing Cast Iron Boiler

With over 40 years’ experience of manufacturing and developing commercial boilers Hamworthy Heating is continuing to invest in cast iron technology to enable them to offer a cast iron condensing boiler with exceptional efficiencies up to 108.8%.


Despite making the decision to stop selling the iconic Purewell Classic range of cast iron atmospheric boilers last year Hamworthy is most definitely not turning its back on cast iron but instead choosing to offer an alternative that is compliant with the efficiency requirements outlined in the recently published Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive Lot 1.


Keith Thompson, sales and marketing director commented “The majority of atmospheric boilers still on sale will be unable to meet the efficiency requirements expected when the ErP Directive comes into force. As a responsible manufacturer we decided to stop production of our last atmospheric boiler in 2012 and only offer ‘future-proof’ products to our customers that present best value for money in the long term and will be compliant with any forthcoming regulations. Of course we know that cast iron is a material that is favoured by many of our customers so we are pleased to offer a solution that boasts all the benefits of cast iron, such as durability and longevity, but is able to provide the top efficiencies expected of a modern condensing boiler.”


Purewell VariHeat boilers are the perfect solution for retrofit installations where the boiler plant, not the entire system is being replaced. The cast iron boiler is tough and tolerant of older heating systems, can sit on the same footprint as its atmospheric predecessors and easily be connected to existing pipework to speed up installation. Plus for confined plant rooms or where access into the plant room is an issue the boiler can be supplied for site assembly, due to the sectional design of the heat exchanger.


Keith went on to say, “We at Hamworthy believe that cast iron still very much has its place in modern manufacturing. There is a large installed base of cast iron atmospheric boilers in the UK’s commercial building stock requiring a simple replacement boiler that will deliver better efficiencies. By specifying Purewell VariHeat boilers there will be minimum impact on existing infrastructure and the benefits for the end user will be reduced energy bills and lower carbon emissions.”


Every commercial heating project is different; some projects will want a condensing solution whereas some systems with higher operating temperatures or no easy access to the boiler to dispose of condensate will be better suited to a high efficiency non-condensing boiler. That is why the Purewell VariHeat is available in condensing and non-condensing variants, giving choice to the customer.


Hamworthy Heating is backing up the long operational life of its Purewell VariHeat boilers by offering a standard warranty on the primary and secondary heat exchanger of 10 years parts and labour from date of commissioning (terms and conditions apply).

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