The Total Solar Package

Growing specification of renewable energy in Northern European climates can now be answered with a new generation of solar technology. When it comes to creating efficient and cost effective solar energy solutions that address today’s growing environmental concerns, Kingspan Solar, part of Kingspan Renewables Ltd, leads the way. Kingspan Renewables Ltd provides the full solar package, which is custom designed to suit each specific application. This package is completely unique and includes the highest level of customer support from initial advice, through to bespoke design, installation, final commissioning and technical support. What’s more, the Kingspan Solar range boasts the most efficient solar technologies in the world with its Thermomax vacuum tube collectors, which ensure customers can enjoy guaranteed top quality performance all year round.

As part of its dedication to providing a more sustainable future, Kingspan Renewables Ltd also makes sure people can reap the benefits of solar energy without experiencing the negative ramifications of ‘cowboy’ installers. It is essential that solar technologies are installed safely and correctly by industry professionals. The Kingspan Solar Accredited Installer Scheme has been set up to ensure just this. It provides the growing population of solar energy users with the added assurance that they can source the most experienced and trustworthy solar installers in Europe. This accreditation scheme certifies that installers have expert product training and are up-to-date with the latest regulations, environmental standards and health and safety guidelines.

The installation of a Kingspan Solar system will provide up to 70 percent of hot water requirements throughout the year, with its solar collectors designed and manufactured specifically to operate in Northern European climates. The range offers packages, with either flat plate options (in-roof or on-roof) or Thermomax vacuum tube collectors, together with all additional required components for the complete installation.

The Thermomax solar collectors use vacuum technology to deliver an unrivalled transfer of solar energy into heat. They are up to 30 percent more effective than traditional flat plate panels, using solar thermal vacuum technology to allow energy from the sun to be captured efficiently and effectively. The vacuum inside each tube not only provides perfect insulation, it also suppresses heat loss by protecting the system from outside influences, such as cold, wet and windy weather, resulting in optimum performance levels all year round.

The flat panel solar systems from Kingspan Solar offer robust, high performance matched with excellent efficiency. Guaranteed for 10 years, the flat panels are extremely well suited to the needs of UK homes. They are sleek and subtle in design, flexible in installation and deliver cost effective low carbon renewable energy.

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